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2018 Speaker Series

Samantha Smith Speaker Series: ZMS 7th & 8th Grade Girls
Samantha Smith, local and national speaker will work with our 7th & 8th grade female students, addressing a variety of topics over the course of five sessions. Ms. Smith will begin the conversation, address the issues, present solutions, and encourage continued dialogue in the following areas:

  1. Body Image and Handling Insecurity
  2. Balancing Pressures
  3. Social Media:  Managing Your Media
  4. Strength in Numbers:  Collaborating vs Competing
  5. Open – Tailored to the lives of ZMS students
Session #1
Dates Location Fee Register
ZMS 7th & 8th Grade Girls 7:50am - 8:30am Feb. 16, Mar. 2, 23,
Apr. 27, May 18
Max of 100

Instructor: Kelly Antcliff  |