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2019 Zen Masters Yoga

Zen Masters Yoga for Kids @ UE: Grades K-4
Join Silly Hearts Yoga for Kids for an hour of yoga, games, art and more! Zen Masters will work on the ancient art of being awesome! Each class will have an element of mindfulness, teaching kids how to bring awareness to their surroundings and themselves in an engaging and meaningful way. Zen Masters will also harness their creativity with yoga games and crafts and of course, learn yoga! This is a class for all abilities-no prior yoga experience needed. Instructor: Meg McNamara recently retired after 33 years of teaching in area schools, and is excited to join the Silly Hearts Yoga for Kids team and share her joy of yoga with students at the Orchard School. Meg’s classes infuse movement, books, games and mindfulness in a way that children love! Her calming presence and understanding of how to meet children where they are at makes her yoga classes a great fit for any child wanting to move, play and feel good! Meg enjoys healthy eating, reading, yoga and spending time with her two sons when they visit from college.

Session #1 Time Days Dates Location Fee Register
Grades K - 4th 2:30p - 3:30p Thursdays Sept. 12 – Oct. 24 UE Stage $99
Limit of 16

Instructor: Audrey Beaugh |